creative writing prompts: april 2k19


Happy National Poetry Month!

2019 is moving along and the flowers here in Philadelphia are finally blooming! March’s writing prompts were lost to the busy winds, but April’s prompts are here! I hope they spark reflection, inspiration, contemplation, and perhaps even joy.

Use these prompts as you wish. They might inspire poems, letters, songs, lists, or affirmations.  They may invite you to draw, paint, sketch, color, scribble, construct, sculpt, build, or otherwise create. Perhaps they inspire you to journal, free write, or to spark a conversation with a friend or your therapist.

Write, draw, dance as much you want, desire, and have time for. Use them now or bookmark them for later. Listen to your heart. Flex your creative muscles and reflect on your radiance.

creative prompts for april twenty nineteen:

How do you nourish your soul?

What makes your heart full?

What are you growing through?

What energizes you?

When do you feel most radiant?

For graphic versions of these prompts, check out @thestarfruitproject on Instagram!

happy blooming,