creative writing prompts: february 2k19


Happy Year of the Pig! Happy All Black Everything Month! Happy Pisces Season!

Here are February’s prompts for writing and other creative adventures. I hope they spark reflection, inspiration, contemplation, and perhaps even joy.

Use these prompts as you see fit. May they spark poems, letters, songs, lists, or affirmations. May they inspire you to draw, paint, sketch, color, scribble, construct, sculpt, build, or otherwise create. May they lead you to journal, free write, or to start a conversation with a friend or your therapist.

Write, draw, dance as much you want, desire, and have time for. Reflect on each question all at once or stretch them out. Do what feels right. Flex your creative muscles and reflect on your radiance.

creative writing prompts for february twenty nineteen:

Where do your memories live?

How do you nurture love in your life?

How has rest helped you heal?

Which parts of yourself are in bloom?

How do you honor your past?

For graphic versions of these prompts, check out @thestarfruitproject on Instagram!

keep shining,