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Request an interactive workshops, devised performance intensives, and retreats focused on healing and the arts for your school, business, university, non-profit organization, or community collective. These programs are great for young people and adults and welcome all ranges of arts experience. 

Interested in something else? Programs can be customized to fit your needs. 

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Workshops are short interactive sessions focused on specific themes that incorporate the arts and healing. Session are typically 1-2 hours and can be expanded. 

Current Offerings: 

  • Creative Community Building: Through interactive activities and a social justice lens, participants get to know one another and strengthen their connections.

  • Theatre for Social Change: Focusing on issues they are care about, participants explore how theatre can be used to create change.

  • #TakeCare: Through guided writing and theatre activities, participants explore self and community care in a supportive space. 

  • Seeing Ourselves: Reflecting on personal experiences and the media, participants explore representation and equity in the arts.

Devised performance intensives

Drawing from their own experiences, participants will create an original performance piece, complete with a showing for an audience! These programs use storytelling as a way to individually and collectively heal. These intensives can take place over the course of several hours or several months, depending on your needs. 

Current Offerings:

  • Express Express: This program focuses on writing and theatre as modes of self expression.  Typically taking place over a shorter period of time than a show is usually developed, participants reflect on a specific theme in order to create a show.

  • Take It To the Streets!: This program focuses on artivism (art + activism), public performance, and community. Participants learn about artist-activists from history and today who have made an impact. They create a show based on a topic they are passionate about and perform it  outside of a normal theatre space to reach a specific audience. 

creative healing retreats

Creative healing retreats incorporate a range of workshops and activities focused on healing, wellness, leadership development, community engagement, and the arts.